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Managed Services

We use C3 and Digitalk IVR platforms and can offer a range of standard and bespoke solutions.

Our IVR and multimedia technology is used to facilitate: IVR based VAS information services, SMS broadcast, reversed billed SMS, live and pre-recorded 3G/SIP video streaming, interactive TV, TV voting, interactive chat, social networking, prepaid services, voice and video conferencing, voicemail, videomail, voice and video call recording, call routing and control, automated attendants, faxback, text to speech, speech recognition, IP telephony services, emergency call out and lone worker management.

Our multimedia technology supports many different communications channels including TDM, SMS, 3G, SIP and VoIP from core infrastructure and interfaces to third-party communications systems including Skype, Google Talk and MSN. Our interactive voice and video products are powerful, robust and modular in design, allowing you to start small but able to expand easily as your business grows.

Standard and Compliant Offerings Include: